L400 Series Table Tops


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WilsonArt standard laminates
Figured Mahogany 7040K-60    
 Wild Cherry 7054-60
Windsor Mahogany 7039K-60     
Fonthill Pear 10745-60
Amber Cherry 7919K-30              
Monticello Maple 7925-38    
Solar Oak 7816-60                      
Fusion Maple 7909-60       

Formica standard laminates
Cocoa Maple 7739-58                  
Cherry Birch 7484-58            
Chestnut Woodline 5884-58        
Natural Cherry 7737-58
Glow Maple 9257-58
Blossom Cherrywood 758-58       
Amber Maple 7012-58
Ginger Root Maple 7288-58        

Other laminates available upon request. Special quote will be required and may include an upcharge and increased lead time.

See Table Base Sizing Chart for appropriate top-to-base sizing considerations.

Cut Sheet



All laminate tops are available in your choice of our standard laminates listed on this page, and can also be ordered in any of the other laminate brands, such as Formica, Pionite, or Laminart designs. Consult your Sales Rep or CSR for possible upcharge.

The overall thickness of the tops is 1 1/4” and the substrate consists of a 45 pound density particle board, which is backed by a .020” thickness phenolic balancing sheet. 

Solid wood and veneer tops are finished in a catalyzed varnish, resulting in an alcohol and chemical resistant top surface.  All wood tops should be cleaned only with a soft non-abrasive wiping cloth, and in rare instances a soft soap mild solution may be used.

Packaging & Shipping
Tops are normally bulk packed on skids and can be shipped in individual packages at additional cost. All tops when ordered as a complete table (top and base) are predrilled to facilitate easy assembly. Required screws are supplied in shipment.


Edging options:
-SE Self Edge
-VE Vinyl Edge